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In fact, wrote Nancy Blodgett in 1986, “today the story is increasingly ‘boy pays money to meet girl, boy loses money, boy gets stung.” This rash of unregulated video dating services resulted in a nationwide crackdown, writes Blodgett.Regulators paid special attention to companies’ refund policies and customer service, but noted that many video daters didn’t file claims for things like undelivered dates or inappropriate or misleading matches because of stigma and embarrassment.

However, sadly it seems as if we have missed the boat entirely, when it comes to understanding the opposite sex.As my mother always says, “Give a man a man a likkle piece of rope to play with, tie de noose tight but don’t choke him.If he sinks to the bottom he is probably not good for you. I don’t think she knew that I was eavesdropping on her conversations though.That stigma has largely disappeared as more and more people find love through virtual matchmaking.Though video dating died with the VHS, its online successor is going strong—and this year, Pew Research found that a majority of Americans feel it’s a good way to meet people.If they were interested, their potential match would watch their video before going on a face-to-face date.


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