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” “You said its okay for me to be jealous” “Hey Usagi-san it’s not the right time. Again his misery crawled up to him as he thought of the cuff-links but Usagi-san was totally oblivious to this and a smile crept on to his face as he read the little card. ” He ignored the other comment completely and settled Misaki on the bed, again shutting him up my giving him a kiss. Time for you to give me my present.” “No way, you pervert!! He covered two fingers in the lube that Usagi-san kept on the bedside and inserted them into his hole.

” Usagi-san had been kissing his neck when he heard the word present and suddenly he was off Misaki and was heading towards the Christmas tree. He blushed as he handed it to Usagi-san and said “Merry Christmas, Usagi-san”. ” “I read some more of that Ijuuin’s manga, remember? “I love you, Misaki,” He placed an unnaturally chaste kiss on Misaki’s lips. He had never willingly held it and he felt so embarrassed that he wanted to run but he steeled himself and started stroking. His voice and passion devoured Misaki and gave him passion of his own. He had heard the man say suki(like) many times, but to say Aishteru!

So I thought I should really write something honest about it from my humble point of view.

So bear with me on this and try not to be offended with what is just a recollection of my personal experiences.

He wasn’t happy at all with the choice and it had kept bothering him day after day as he pretty much estimated what the worth of Usagi-san’s present would be. ” in that annoying high-and-mighty attitude of his. “Hello this is Takahashi” “Takahashi-Kun, Merry Christmas. I was calling to ask you what I should send you for Christmas? If he wanted it, I would have already have given him many.” He spoke coldly into the phone and then disconnected it. This is the only cheap thing I would want to give you,” Usagi-san replied nonchalantly as if this was the most obvious thing in the world. ” Misaki tried to get the envelope back before he would doom himself. ” But Usagi-san had it out of reach and opened it quickly and read it out loud.

He curiously picked one up only to find that it was a furniture catalogue. He always thought about Misaki the most, what would please him and benefit him and just make him happy. And here Misaki was, giving him something that was worthless in front of Usagi-san’s love, even though he knew what the man wanted the most. Usagi-san picked up his present for Misaki and handed it to him. “I want to use the cosplay today as part of your service”. He looked at Usagi-san’s face and saw him watching Misaki with hooded eyes full of passion and then he licked his lips. He angled himself above Usagi-san and then pushed himself on the long hot shaft slowly…”a-aah!! He was rolled over on to his back and Usagi-san was suddenly on top of him with his legs on Usagi-san’s shoulders. At that, Usagi-san heaved himself on his arms just a little away from Misaki’s face and stared into his eyes. “This wasn’t the way to do it, you know,” he mumbled, “But never mind.” He pushed Usagi-san off him and climbed on top of him. We’ll have to use it tomorrow to see its full effect on you. I just want you to feel more loved.” There was no doubt left in Misaki that this man was speaking the truth. “I think the cosplay was rendered useless by your own motivated sexiness today. ” Misaki spluttered as he struggled to get out of Usagi-san’s grip. A Japanese sports shop is reporting a surge in demand for nipple covers as mammary gland concealment becomes all the rage in the eccentric Far-Eastern country.The Dot Store says nipple covers, usually used by long-distance runners to prevent chafing, are flying off its shelves, with 55,000 sets being sold so far this year. He followed Usagi-san to the tree and picked up his present. Do you know how hard it was for me to even think about doing this? Usagi-san kissed Misaki there while he twisted his nipples. ” Misaki’s back arched and he pushed his groin into Usagi-san’s face. The gentle kiss and the tight hug conveyed the sincerity of Usagi-san’s feelings. He sucked on the nipples and felt himself getting hard. His face flushed as he took the huge manhood into his hands.


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