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Configuring servers is not my strong suit by any means.

I'm trying to move a development project to Windows 7. NET Version", but if it is in the default app pool with the . So I manually created a new app pool to put my new . In the top level of the IIS Manager (above Sites), you should see the Application Pools tree node.

In this handbook, learn how to meet the security, analytics, and testing requirements for Io T applications.Specifically to map drive’s from an employee’s home windows computer over the internet and/or use webdav enabled “apps” to connect to their folders on a mobile device.Using an https url Our employees all have personal folders on a file server (2003 SP2 32bit) that is accessed over the local network.It is a member of the windows domain (we have one windows domain only).The web server is published to the internet using ISA 2006.Security is setup for the users using Active Directory and the logon scripts and home folder mappings.


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