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Ironically the lyric plays like a hypnotic sbrill song about a materialistic world,good people can be changed or corrupted for the trappings of fame/cobain reference is to give us a picture of talent that could nt cope with such hollywood style celeb and became isolated tragicly like anyone could ..a tidal wave could clear one place but californication is all maybe the final frontier but made in a basement.....the industry being fake ,but lets face it we all want a small piece in 2011..the peace .music of the sphere's was considered to be the most most beautiful sound possible in the universe prior to our modern understanding of how planets actually move.A Bridges advocate can meet you at court to provide support and information in obtaining your protective order. If there is anything that you do not understand, ask to have it explained.A Bridges advocate can also provide support at your Final Restraining Order hearing. The following may provide you with answers to some questions. Make arrangements for childcare for the day of your final hearing.But if you look it up, a foo fighter was a term used in WWII to describe UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena.Those mysterious sightings were sometimes called "balls of fire". Going back to the term foo fighter, well there is a band called the Foo Fighters that is post-grunge and Dave Grohl is the singer of the group.If you are in an abusive relationship and are in fear for your physical safety, you have the option to try to obtain a restraining order.

The "station to station" part is a reference to a David Bowie album and Nirvana covered one of the songs off of that album. Doesn't anyone else think this song contains multiple references to particular movies?

Oh well I might be wrong, but that's my take on this line =)I wonder how many people in Cali listened to this song, looked at themselves and said, "Wow.

Never thought of it that way." Nevertheless, this song just speaks the ultimate truth. I think that there are a lot more references to Kurt Cobain in this song than most people.

This should be taken into account when making arrangement for visitation and exchanging the children.

You may be eligible for financial assistance to assist you in making your home secure, moving, or paying necessary bills through the Victim's Compensation Program.


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