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With his deer-in-headlights stare and mostly non-existent scrambling abilities, Eli Manning might not be the first quarterback people imagine when it comes to being “fit.” But for a guy who has started 211 games in a row heading into the 2017 season, he has to be doing something the right way...right?

Manning, who has two Super Bowl wins to his name and a couple legendary throws in those games, has proven to be one of the toughest players in the league—he’d fit in well alongside Brett Favre and Steve Mc Nair on this list of all-time tough guys—and it’s partly because he works as hard in the gym as he does on his field work.

Manning said that he does a lot band work, rotator cuff exercises, and shoulder moves, as well as bench presses and power cleans.

Despite his size, Luck has great agility skills and speed, rushing for nearly 1,500 yards in his first five seasons.

He detailed his workout routine for , which during the season includes legs training on Monday, upper-body workouts during midweek, and core/shoulder work done throughout the week.

Dalton also said that he’ll target the smaller muscles in his shoulders two or three times per week, using internal and external rotation moves.

“We do deadlifting, a lot of split squats, and some single-leg work. One day we'll work on a press and a knee bend, and the next day is going to be a pull and hip bend for the legs.” The young Dallas Cowboys star broke out in a big way in 2016, leading his team to the playoffs and helping give longtime quarterback Tony Romo an early retirement.

At 6’2”, 226 lbs, Prescott has the speed to outrun ferocious linebackers, but he also has the strength to break through tackles and fend off the pass rush to get the ball to his receivers.


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