Relationship advice from the 1940s dating dos and donts dvd

Mainly, however, the film focuses on the various social blunders that one could make in the 1940s and teaching teens good manners, sometimes through moral lessons.

But the corny important life lessons make this old movie a giggly good time.

Johnny Learns his Manners is a nifty relic familial culture in the 1940s, as well as an accessible example of valuable and timeless important life lessons. Mind Your Manners Produced: 1953 Length: 11 Minutes Mind Your Manners is a 1950s film which teaches teenagers that good etiquette should be cultivated in order to get along with peers and impress authority figures. Various situations are dramatized in the film, including telephone etiquette, table manners, and how to shake hands.

Cindy learns quickly, and begins to anticipate the fairy godmothers lessons.Dramatized through an artists drawing board, Johnny deals with conflicting ideals of good and bad manners by being turned into a pig until he learns a lesson and decides to change his unmannerly ways.In changing, Johnny will learn how to keep your room clean, and overcome bad manners etiquette.Billy has drawn many pictures for the display, all showing scenes of everyday situations where courtesy and social etiquette is needed, such as when making out invitations, making telephone calls, entertaining guests, and making introductions. When Billys teacher comes over to see them, Billy tries out his new skills by introducing his teacher and his mother, demonstrating remarkable good child behavior.In a classically old fashioned conclusion, Billy learns that being courteous and being nice to everyone will ensure that others will always like and want to be around him. How Do You Do Produced: 1946 Length: 13 Minutes How Do You Do is an uproariously dated, and an amateur production to boot, film about social etiquette and good manners.The film takes a hilarious look at some of the right, as well as some of the wrong things to do in the office setting.


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