Php dating site software

There is a simple explanation for such a cheap price and so much functionality in ABK Chameleon Community Software solution.

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The combination of a USA based nerve center and the talented and skilled dating software programmers squad build up an efficient, hard-working team The ABK Company.

Pony Space - a miniature version of Chameleon for handheld devices (PDAs, i Phones, Smart Phones, etc.) Chameleon 3.0 and Oryx 2.0 the next generation of ABK products.

ABK is a leading international dating software provider.

It is cheap, just under six hundred US dollars, and it has a massive amount of functions which, if bought separately, can amount to a few thousand dollars (just one example: the Live Video Chat module needs a dedicated Adobe Media Server, which costs 00; but ABKs sophisticated technology made it possible to use server-side and remote services free of charge)!

These to facts make most e-Commerce merchants and regular Internet users feel too naive and our dating software untrustworthy for most visitors.


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    This table reflects the versions of PHP which are currently no longer widely supported.

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