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Virginia Tech, meanwhile, would like to make a bold statement to the rest of the conference by knocking off Miami in its ACC opener. We're in one," said Charley Wiles, the Hokies' defensive line coach. It just happens to be in September." With playoff stakes comes a playoff setting.That starts with "Enter Sandman." The famed entrance was created because Virginia Tech erected a scoreboard, before the 2000 season, with a large video screen and the university's athletics marketing team wanted to create an entrance video for the Hokies.Boise State was the founding father of oddly colored football fields and has the trademark rights to back it up. Della Camera Stadium – New Haven More than two decades after Boise State’s unveiling of “The Blue,” Division II’s New Haven started the next wave of unique field colors with its own blue and yellow turf after an agreement with the Broncos in 2009.Any university’s football program, no matter the division or even country, must be given legal approval by Boise State before implementing a non-green playing field. The field made its debut the same year the Chargers returned to football after the program’s six-year absence.Before one particularly chilly night game, some of the Virginia Tech marching band members started jumping up and down to keep warm before the team's entrance. "The next thing you know the whole band is jumping up and down," David Mc Kee, the director of the Marching Virginians, said in a telephone interview.

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"The beats in it, the rhythm -- for editing purposes, it lent itself well to what we were talking about doing." "Enter Sandman" was first used at Lane Stadium for the 2000 season opener against Georgia Tech. 25 -- Before every third-down play, Virginia Tech fans at Lane Stadium jingle their keys to signify a key play.Before the fourth quarter starts, they do the Hokie Pokie. With Metallica's "Enter Sandman" blaring and fans bouncing around, the Hokies' goose-bump-raising entrance onto the field has become one of the trademarks of a fall Saturday in Blacksburg.It was one of those accidental traditions." Since 2000, "Enter Sandman" has woven itself into the fabric of the community.The song can often be heard downtown, blasting from passing cars or from inside the bars."We feel like we've got a tough place to play, but we've got to go play," Bud Foster, the Hokies' defensive coordinator, said earlier this season. Those 11 guys on the field do." Staff writer Amy Shipley in Miami contributed to this report.


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