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A lot of them were bodybuilders, some over 70, and they enjoyed parading around the pool in really teeny bikinis, showing off their big muscles.

I checked out their workout facility and it was like a mini-Gold's gym, with several muscle grannies pumping some serious iron.

She is more than twice as strong as her 70 year old husband (nothing strange with that) but she is quite a lot bigger and stronger than me, a 39 year old man.

I haven't tested the strength of my wife but she is built very much like her mother.

If I were in your shoes, I couldn't help but tell her how much her muscles turn me on. She is pretty sure every guy around here is secretly hot for her, and her muscles.

Way too many guys ask her to flex and armwrestle for her not to know how much guys like this look!

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If a man and woman of similar bodytypes work out the same way, you can't be sure that the man will be stronger.

I just have to be careful not to ask too often, I'd hate for her to think I am obsessed with her arms (I am! About once a month I get her to flex one, or both arms, and she is very willing.

She is proof that women that work out can be a lot more muscular than men... you need to find out what kind of relationship she has with her husband/boy friend and how he feels about her muscles.

I think it is rather cool with a woman more than 60 with big muscles (you should see her calves! When I was a bodybuilder a few years back I entered a small outdoor contest located in the pool area of a large retirement condo-plex in Florida.

I'd never seen so many fit, i/c majorly muscular, older women in my life.


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