Live no cost cams

This article will look at how to broadcast live video with multiple sources.

Multi-source live streaming is a great way to boost the production value of your broadcasts.

This gives you more flexibility for editing and adding effects on-the-fly.

However, as mentioned above, there are costs to this.

With added complexity comes a greater need for equipment and staff. [Tweet “Broadcasting #livestreaming multi-source events gives a professional look to any event:”]Perhaps one of the best examples of a multi-camera event in action is a sporting championship like the Super Bowl.

These include cameras mounted on drones and wires suspended above the stadium.

A display panel is either built in or connected externally.

Buttons on the device allow the operator to switch between sources instantly.

In this case, be sure to thoroughly test your cameras before using them to ensure they don’t clash horribly with one another.

It is possible to get the look of a multi-source shoot without using multiple cameras.


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