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"I think the main thing is, I felt like we still want his hands to be kept in the recruiting area. And he's done a lot of different things outside of the football realm in the community, talks throughout the state, things of that nature.

It just felt like now is the time to make that move." When Staten came to Michigan State from Cincinnati with Dantonio, he served as the recruiting coordinator and tight ends/tackles coach from 2007-10.

"And then with the assistant head coach job, it's trying to help Coach D with some of the burden and taking that off his shoulders.

So it's something I was used to doing beforehand, but now with also having guys like Sheldon involved, (director of on-campus recruiting) Matt Mueller, (recruiting operations coordinator) Butler Benton, guys like that behind the scenes -- stuff that we didn't have -- it's very helpful.

However, he ultimately felt like Michigan State was the right fit for him.

"The difference is in the NFL, there are some recruiting battles, per se, but for the most part sometimes it's, 'Hey, I got million more than you,' or, 'I'm going to draft you,'" he explained.

"So now it's more, 'Here is what our university is,' and we have to make sure we show them a good product and tell them what we are here.

"So being able to just go around, and what I was doing with Coach is kind of get a view of every area.

He kept putting me in different groups, adding me to groups, not being really responsible for them but being a part of those groups.


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