Help writing a dating profile

And always update your photo – you change as time moves on, so every twelve to eighteen months will mean a similar change in photograph is required.

NEW: For privacy, Seeking Arrangement allows you to disguise your photo in certain ways.

Honesty – don’t pretend to be something you are not.

Tempting though it may be, exaggerating your personality type, successes, interests and career is never going to end well, especially if your first date leads to a relationship where, at some point down the line, you will be found out. You want somebody to fall for the real you, not a fake person who you dreamt up just to attract more interest on a dating website.

Try not to sound like a box-ticking robot where you are going through the motions in order to attract as many dates as possible.

Also, if you do use a photo, do make sure you don’t have your kids in it – that’s against Seeking Arrangement policies (and most dating sites).

How to write a sugar daddy or sugar baby profile for Seeking Arrangement that gets results.

Dating is big business, and online is increasingly where it’s at.

Because while connecting with potential dates may be faster than ever, people are just as quick to make a yes or no decision when they see your online profile.

One dodgy photo or a boring bio can often kill any interest stone dead. And how do you go about making yourself stand out from a – fast-growing – crowd?


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