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But after failing to have the cases heard jointly, prosecutors dropped all charges.

Sean Coleman, a public defender who represented Miller, said prosecutors made the right move in dropping the case."I think the case, as they kept looking at it, wasn't as good as they thought it was," Coleman said.

"My motive was to have sex with that young lady."Two months after the verdict, he would be charged in two rapes and an attempted rape.

At his trials on the two rape charges last month, Clifford, dressed in dark slacks and short-sleeved dress shirts, took the stand and was poised and straightforward during his testimony.

And he detailed his encounters with the women as typical, even clumsy, sexual escapades of a single man.

"All I can say is we have tried extremely hard to successfully prosecute him and we're hopeful we'll be successful in the next case."Clifford's defense attorney, Gregory Fischer said in court that the accusers gave inconsistent accounts.

Clifford, who remains in jail, provided detailed accounts on the stand of meeting the women, getting in touch by phone, going to their houses and having consensual sex. The jury foreman in one of the cases said prosecutors simply didn't have enough evidence to overcome their doubts about the testimony of a visibly shaken victim."We don't really know her that well; [whether] she's nervous in court because of another reason, besides rape," said the foreman, a 28-year-old who did not want to be identified.

"We don't know."Mosby, who plans to challenge Bernstein in next year's election, said in an e-mail blast to supporters that the blame rests with Bernstein.

He "lost three times in jury trials," she said, adding that "rapists, murderers, stick-up kids — none of them are scared of Baltimore prosecutors."Russell A.


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