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She also assures Phil that they just made a mistake. While waiting at the light to turn toward either the hotel or the Retail Rodeo store, she assess her future if she stays versus if she runs away and becomes a fugitive with Holden. She arrives at Retail Rodeo and goes to the manager's office, telling him where Holden is hiding and how long he will be there.After arriving home, she watches a news report saying that the police have surrounded the hotel where Holden is staying and that Holden shot and killed himself.Holden, who has been following her since the split, sees them through a window.Holden does not show up for work the next day but is waiting in Justine's car when her shift ends.Phil insists on knowing who she had an affair with.

Holden tells her to meet her the following morning at a hotel.

When Justine gets home, Phil, Bubba, and Bubba's new girlfriend are all waiting for her so they can celebrate. The doctor's office has called; they tell Phil his sperm is "no good".

He tells them his wife is pregnant and they don't know what they are talking about and angrily hangs up.

He calls Justine a whore and drunkenly demands an apology.

He then says he could kill her husband to free her from her marriage.


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