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Slowly over the season, we haven't seen them fight; they've been living together and having great morning sex and getting along.Now, it really is more of an issue because there's nothing else holding her back.But I didn't know if it was going to be something that could affect Alex.Way back in season nine, Jo does reference something — after the whole Chest Peckwell fight — something abusive having happened in her past. I didn't know that was the storyline that was going to happen.It doesn’t mean that Jo doesn't want to be with Alex; she does — but in order for that to happen, she will have to tell him.And if she doesn't, I can't imagine him forgiving her for saying no [to his latest proposal]. And now with De Luca, it looks like she's cheating.

Part of me never wants to see him because he is someone who in the past had a lot of power over her but there's another part of me who absolutely wants to meet him.For Alex, she said no and she can't give him a good enough reason and then he thinks maybe she's cheating. continues to introduce people from everyone's past and now Jo is in the club of those with long-lost relatives.Have you had any casting conversations with the producers about introducing Jo's husband? If he does get introduced at some point, it's interesting that he's a charismatic person that everyone loves.This being , De Luca winds up looking out for Jo and drives her home, where she proceeds to drunkenly undress as she prepares to go to bed, with Alex walking in to find the friends in an innocent, yet compromising position.The finale set the stage for Jo is already married. I knew at around January that Shonda was toying with the idea of unearthing some of Jo's past.When she got to that point in this season when she came home, Jo was thinking of breaking up with Alex because of Meredith and because Jo felt like she wasn't a priority. At that point, she didn't even know where they stood as a couple.


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